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Re-use Alliance of Wales

The Welsh Government published its Waste Prevention Programme in December 2013. The programme included a commitment to setting up an Alliance to bring together organisations involved in the re-use and preparation of goods for re-use across Wales.

Following the completion of a re-use scoping study to assess the current re-use and repair activity across Wales, on behalf of WRAP Cymru, and the appointment of EandSP and Ecocheck as an Alliance interim co-ordinator, an action plan has been developed for establishing a Re-use Alliance of Wales.

Initial development activities will be delivered by the Alliance interim co-ordinator, on behalf of WRAP Cymru, who has been tasked by Welsh Government to deliver re-use and repair sector support as part of the requirement set out in Article 11 of the revised Waste Framework Directive.

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If you have a question about the Re-use Alliance of Wales that isn’t covered in our FAQs, please contact us. If you have a general re-use related question, please contact WRAP Cymru on 02920 100 100.

 Registration is free of obligation, and is open to all organisations carrying out activities in Wales.

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