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Primary and desk research

At EandSP we undertake both primary and desk research to gather data and information to address the research questions of clients. Primary research involves gathering quantitative and/ or qualitative information directly from individuals or small groups.

We use quantitative research methods to address subjects that can be expressed as numbers or amounts and qualitative research methods to explore subjects related to people’s attitudes, behaviours, opinions or beliefs.

Our quantitative research is carried out using structured questionnaires and can be undertaken by telephone, face-to-face or through online or e-mail surveys. Qualitative research is generally undertaken by specifically trained staff through semi structured interviews (telephone or face-to-face) or focus groups.

EandSP has a reputation for thorough desk research and rigorous analysis of the information gathered. We undertake online research as well as reviews of the academic and ‘grey’ literature using a range of databases and libraries. In all cases we use multiple search terms and cross-referencing to ensure extensive capture of data relevant to the research subject. The way in which such information is recorded is also carefully considered to aid analysis and properly address research questions.

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