1% for the planet



Adapting to change

As a start up business in 2011 we knew we were always going to practise what we preach but needed to understand what we could control.  We produced our first environmental performance report "Setting the Baseline" setting out our aspirations.  After a full year monitoring we came to understand what our key impacts were and how we could control them, resulting in our second year report "Getting the Picture Right". In the third year, our report "Growing a sustainable business" demonstrated how we kept to our principles through the start of a period of growth.

Our latest report "Adapting to Change" shows how we are moving in a period of sustained growth.

In addition, at EandSP we are committed to doing our bit for the environment and for our communities.  As our part of "1% for the planet" we are committing to contributing 1% of our income* across our chosen charities, locally and globally.  

 the value includes the income associated with staff allocated time and excludes VAT, expenses costs and any subcontract costs 

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